Spring Cleaning Ideas with some Cost Savings Attached!

spring cleaning ideasSpring time is here!!  What a great time to clean, declutter and organize!!  Personally, I like to keep my spring cleaning, decluttering and organizing as simple as possible!  I also like to spend the least amount possible!  You too?  Great!  Well, let me share a few ideas on how to spend less money on spring cleaning essentials.  Spring cleaning doesn’t have to break the bank.  Here are a few spring cleaning ideas with some cost savings attached!!


Microfiber Cloths are your Friends

I love 12-pack 12″x12″ All-purpose Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Wiping Dusting Rags (12″x12″, Dark Brown) (they come in many different colors!!) They are great for a variety of daily and weekly cleaning projects.  They are also great for spring cleaning projects.  You can throw them into the washing machine and reuse, reuse, reuse.  Here are a few ways that we use them around here.  Maybe this will spark some ideas for you!



We don’t even use a cleaning product.  A microfiber cloth works exceptionally well, all by its lonesome.



We just add a drop of water and wipe it down clean.  Once again, without adding any sort of cleaning product.


Inside the Fridge

One cloth dampened with some diluted Lysol + one dry cloth = a clean fridge in just a few swipes!


Mirrors/Glass-Top Table

Microfiber cloth + Windex = quick results



Daily Spot Cleaning – just add a drop of water and quickly swipe the bathroom sink and faucets


In Lieu of….

Paper towels, paper napkins or sponges


Dilute Yourself and You Shall Save

We do not purchase numerous bottles of cleaning product.  Instead, we have a few squeeze bottles and a big jug of all-purpose cleaner.  We dilute it ourselves and save!   I recently read that you can make your own all purpose cleaner by mixing 2 cups of water with 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid.  I am going to try that one out!!


Spray the Cloth or Sponge….not the Surface

We spray the cleaning product directly onto the microfiber cloth or sponge – which uses a lot less product!


Rubbing Alcohol

Well, you have heard me talk about this beauty before.  Click Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol – It’s Effective and Economical!! for more details on how to use rubbing alcohol.


In Conclusion…

Well folks, that is just about it!  Simplicity meets spring cleaning!  Go ahead and get going!  You can do it!!


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