My Time, My Way® Workshops

My Time, My Way®  Workshops simplify the lives of attendees via You CAN Do It! sessions!

This fun equation can be your equation!!!

my time my way

My Time, My Way®  Workshops are fun and interactive!

My Time, My Way® Workshops are focused on providing simplified and doable time management strategies!  All while having fun!  Each workshop is designed to empower you to improve upon your productivity and time management challenges.  As we all know, productivity and time management are the cornerstones of success – both personally and professionally!  I can’t wait to see you!!!

My Time, My Way™



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 Not sure of what we should focus on during the workshop?  That’s okay!  Here are a few thought starters…..


Let’s Improve on the 4 Key Elements of Time Management …You CAN do it!™ Workshop

Geared towards business professionals, focuses on four key elements including:

  • Time Management (Calendar Planning, Task Management, Prioritizing Techniques, Productive Meeting Techniques)
  • Technology Management
  • Paper Management
  • Space Management


Let’s Get Organized!! Tips™ Workshop

Provide simple, doable suggestions that can be implement right away!

Let’s Get Ready for College!™ Workshop

Geared towards high school students, provides the following critical time management

  • -Setting up habits for college success
  • -Preparing for the college and scholarship process


Let’s Declutter and Get Organized for Spring!™ Workshop

Help attendees create a simple and effective approach towards spring decluttering and organizing!


Let’s Get Organized Before School Starts!™ Workshop

Advise on how to “get it together” before school/extra-curricular activities rev up!


Let’s Get Ready for the Holidays!™ Workshop

Get attendees ready to conquer the busy holiday season!


Let’s Manage our Time Better – We Can Do It!™ Workshop

Offer simple-to-execute ideas as to how to make better use of our 24 hours per day!


Let’s Manage and Simplify our Online Life!™ Workshop

How to more effectively navigate through email, documents, photos, social media, etc.!



Hmmm…My Workshop Idea is not Listed….What Should I Do?

Have a workshop idea that you would like us to design and implement?  Great!  Call, text or email and we will get it designed and set up!



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My Time, My Way™ Workshop

"Dara was a very popular and dynamic speaker.  We had a more than full house for her organizing presentation, and several other people have asked when we will have her back.  I look forward to Dara’s next program here!"

My Time, My Way™ Workshop

“I attended a MOPS group earlier this year where you talked about some very valuable organization tips. First thing: go start a load of laundry. It seems so simple, but it really kickstarts me into a better mindset about keeping the house organized and myself on task for the day...BEFORE my son gets up! THANK YOU!!!”


Beth W.
MOPS mom

My Time, My Way™ Workshop

Thank you so much for presenting your workshop.  I think there were many wonderful and useful ideas in your presentation.

Michelle Kanis
College Hill Branch

My Time, My Way™ Workshop

"I highly recommend Dara’s “Let’s Declutter and Get Organized Spring Workshop” for anyone in need of professional organizing tips. I learn something new from Dara each time our library branch hosts one of her informative and inspiring programs!"


Aimee Pennington
Wyoming Branch Library

My Time, My Way™ Workshop

“Dara Fairman gave a wonderful presentation about organization, de-cluttering, time management, meal planning, and more, with a focus on organizing and simplifying your life.  Patrons who attended gave positive feedback regarding the presentation and appreciated the handouts.  I consider myself to be pretty well organized, but even I learned some helpful tips for myself.  Dara incorporated today’s technology by sharing a free app to help make shopping lists.  A well-presented and fun seminar with lots of useful information for everyone.”



Let’s Get Organized! Tips Workshop Participants
Sharonville Branch Library

My Time, My Way™ Workshop

“Dara Fairman’s “Let’s Declutter and Get Organized for Spring” workshop was a useful and helpful program. She provided great tips and suggestions to kick your spring cleaning into high gear. I would definitely recommend this workshop.”

My Time, My Way™ Workshop

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Declutter and Get Organized Workshop!!  I have already put into practice the power of the 15 minute timer and created  my own “come into the house drop zone”.

Thank you for making a process that can be overwhelming simpler and fun."

Michelle Brockmeyer

My Time, My Way™ Workshop

"It was great to see you! I'm looking forward to putting what I learned into action."

Kim B.

About Dara Fairman

I am a Time Management Strategist. I create fun, actionable, individualized and engaging ways to teach the most important concepts needed to turn time into a tool ....instead of a hindrance.

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