MFMS 2017

MFMS 2017

My Future, My Success™ is an interactive leadership and life skills camp brought to you by the highly sought after founder of My Time, My Way®.  Over the course of 4 days, teens and preteens  learn and absorb must-have skills for a successful and productive life.  Students engage in a variety of fun and informative workshops led by passionate and successful Cincinnati area leaders.  My Future, My Success™ is honored and thrilled to have Cincinnati area influencers lead a variety of workshops including time management, public speaking, college prep, career planning and more!  We will learn! We will do!  We will enjoy!

A few fun pics from MFMS 2017!  Enjoy!

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Click on these fun and awesome videos!!  You will really enjoy them!!  We had a great time putting these videos together!  Just for you!! We had a great time at MFMS 2017!



About Dara Fairman

I am a Time Management Strategist. I bring fun and simplicity to GOALS and TIME MANAGEMENT. I create fun, actionable, individualized and engaging ways to turn TIME into the sharpest tool in your toolbox for a life filled with intrinsic satisfaction, inner serenity, less stress and diminished guilt.