Daraisms™ Inspirational Quotes

What is a Daraism™?  What does that have to do with “inspirational quotes”??

Well, the word Daraism™ was coined by my wonderful sister.  Every time that I would make a statement defined as unique to my way of thinking, she would say “there is another Daraism™!”  I love this word.  I love the idea that it can be associated with inspirational quotes.

This brings us to the definition of Daraism™.  A Daraism™ is an inspirational quote.  Inspirational quotes that were coined by…well, me!!!!  They are based on how I think.  See, I like to walk on the sunny side of the street.  I smile a lot.  I laugh a lot.  I like to make people feel good.  People like you!!!

I would like to share my Daraisms™ with you!  I hope that these sayings will help you on this wonderful journey called life!

Click on each quote.  Enjoy each quote.  Pin each quote.  Share each quote.  You will be happy that you did!!

Click here for Simple Life Inspirational Quotes…enjoy!!

About Dara Fairman

I am a Time Management Strategist. I bring fun and simplicity to GOALS and TIME MANAGEMENT. I create fun, actionable, individualized and engaging ways to turn TIME into the sharpest tool in your toolbox for a life filled with intrinsic satisfaction, inner serenity, less stress and diminished guilt.