The Power of the 15 Minute Time Segment – How to Start a Project

How to Start a Project

How to Start a Project

When the kids were in pre-school, I learned an important lesson from their pre-school teachers.  The power of the 15 minute time segment – it is amazing what can be done when the time limit is a concise 15 minutes.  I use that lesson each day when accomplishing my own daily tasks as well as when I work with clients.  Do you want to know the secret of how to start a project?  Set a 15 minute time limit and get going!  Here are a few examples of what can be done in 15 minutes, or less, or in a series of 15 minute time blocks.




how to start a projectCleaning out the pantry

I recently found these items that the kids no longer wanted.



How to Start a Project

Writing a blog

A blog typically takes me three 15 minute time blocks.



how to start a projectWorking out

Two 15 minute time blocks gives me a great workout!



how to start a projectCleaning and Windexing the table

A daily activity for me that takes less than 15 minutes.



How to Start a ProjectWeekly filing of this paperwork pile

Truth moment…I usually only do this every few weeks.  🙂  This pile will be filed by the end of the week.



how to start a projectCleaning up my workspace

I do this at the end of each day.



how to start a projectPutting away toys

The kids are in charge of this one.



how to start a projectWriting out my Daily-To-Dos

I like to take care of this one first thing in the am.



How to Start a ProjectPreparing for the next day’s activities

I do this the night before.



How to Start a Project

Catching up with a friend/family member on the phone

I am not much of a phone person – 15 minutes is about all you get!



How to Start a ProjectGetting started on anything that I don’t feel like doing

I find that once I set my timer and get started, it is easier to keep going!




What project are you going to time for a 15 minute segment?



About Dara Fairman

I am a Time Management Strategist. I bring fun and simplicity to GOALS and TIME MANAGEMENT. I create fun, actionable, individualized and engaging ways to turn TIME into the sharpest tool in your toolbox for a life filled with intrinsic satisfaction, inner serenity, less stress and diminished guilt.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Erika says:

    Great post! You’re right there is a lot that can be done in as little as 15 minutes. You have inspired me to pull out my timer and start completing some projects!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Your post is right on time. Just the nudge I needed to get me moving on the million little
    projects I have on my list.

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