Healthy Buttermilk Biscuits: Taste Yummy Too!!

healthy buttermilk biscuitsDo you mean to tell me that there are healthy buttermilk biscuits?  Healthy store-bought ready-to-bake biscuits that taste yummy???  We couldn’t believe it either.





We try to eat healthy.  Not perfectly, mind you, but healthy.


We have a fresh salad every night. We tend to eat fish or organic chicken for dinner most evenings.  The food pyramid is posted near the kitchen table.  We typically drink water or milk.  Instead of chocolate or strawberry milk we drink cinnamon milk – a homemade concoction that incorporates cinnamon, non-fat milk, vanilla and raw stevia.  We make our own buttermilk pancakes from scratch and use the ice cream maker weekly.  The kids are very familiar with Nutrition Facts labeling.  When we do purchase some new food product, the first thing that the 8 ½ year old asks is “Is it healthy?”  Imagine our delighted surprise when we found ready-to-bake store-bought buttermilk biscuits!



healthy buttermilk biscuitsLook at this label!!  No bleached flour.  No artificial preservatives.  No hydrogenated oil.  I can pronounce and even spell all of the ingredients.  Immaculate Buttermilk Biscuits are even manufactured in a nut-free facility!!












We first heard about these biscuits via the mom of one of the 5 ½ year old’s BFFs.  She served them up during a playdate.  Considering all of the “nos” on the label, I assumed that they would be dry and nasty.  Boy was I wrong.


About a week later, I marched right on over to Whole Foods Market and purchased 2 packages for $3.99 each.  I surprised the kids with these biscuits for breakfast last Thursday.  The 8 ½ year old gobbled down 2 biscuits and the 5 ½ year old attempted 3.  On Sunday am the kids begged me to make them again.  They were so excited when I said “yes” that I got to hear about what a great Mommy I am!  Priceless.


healthy buttermilk biscuitsThis is what the biscuits look like before baking.








healthy buttermilk biscuitsAs you can see here, they rise up and turn golden brown.








healthy buttermilk biscuitsLook here!  There is even a coupon to take back to Whole Foods Market for my next Immaculate Buttermilk Biscuits purchase!








Who is going to try these out?  Comments welcome below!!

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