Happy Being Me

happy being me

In a world of constant focus on self-improvement I have managed to find peace and solace in just being me.  I have happily discovered the beautiful and reassuring gift of acceptance.  Boy, does it feel great.  I am so happy being me!


I am not Great at Everything….and that’s Okay

There are some things that I am not great at.  It’s not that I can’t be, it is that I choose to focus my time and energy elsewhere.  I also choose not to feel guilty about those items. There is a saying that I learned in Business School.  It has become a bit of a mantra for me.  Ahh, here it is.


Build your strengths and staff your weaknesses.


I do just that.


An Example of a “Staffed” Weakness….

I have never been great at current events.  They make my mind wander.  I never watch the news and rely very heavily on NPR radio.  So, I married a man who is great at current events.  He watches the news, reads it on his computer/iPhone and updates me on the important highlights.  That works for me.


An Example of a Brick House Strength…..

I read numerous magazines and books each month.  I listen to countless audiobooks.  The subjects are vast.  I retain the information well.  So, I can pull numerous and seemingly random ideas and weave them together like an intricate cloth…with little to no effort on my part.  That works for me too.


And in Conclusion….

I am not going to become a current events guru.  Why focus on something that I don’t enjoy?  Especially when I can get this information elsewhere?  At the same time, I am not going to stop consuming huge amounts of data.  I enjoy it too much!


Remember my “build your strengths and staff your weaknesses” mantra?  Well, I am a living, breathing and happy example of the concept.  I am so happy being me!!  Are you happy being you?



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