Easy Holiday Meal Planning -3 Quick and Easy Steps BEFORE Creating Holiday Dishes!

Easy Holiday Meal PlanningEasy Holiday Meal Planning??  Is that even possible?

Easy holiday meal planning is not an oxymoron. I promise. It can be simple. It can be fun. I can do it. You can do it. We all can do it. I am going to let you in on a few quick and easy tips to get you started. Once you get these tasks knocked out, you will be well on your way!!


Easy Holiday Meal PlanningClean the oven

Let’s start here. It is a lot more pleasant to prepare holiday dishes in a clean oven. Who wants to smell last month’s burnt offerings when preparing yummy holiday meals?!  So, let’s go ahead and clean the oven. Some of us will just need to press the “clean oven” button. Here is a picture of my oven with the “clean oven” button pressed. Others will need to spray and clean. However you do it, let’s go ahead and get that done!


Easy Holiday Meal Planning

Clean out Refrigerator and Freezer

While we are cleaning out the oven, we might as well clean out the refrigerator and freezer too! Let’s take a look at the refrigerator. Go through and get rid of any expired food and/or condiments. Also, get rid of anything that you know that no one will eat. It is just taking up room that you will need for the yummy holiday concoctions. Wipe down the refrigerator. Get it nice and clean. Now, let’s take a look at the freezer. Go through each item and eliminate anything that you don’t recognize. Do you have meals prepped and stored in the freezer? Now is a great time to go ahead, thaw them out and eat! This will give us room to store the yummy holiday dishes that can be prepped in advance.


Easy Holiday Meal PlanningWash Holiday Kitchenware and/or Serving Ware

We all have special kitchenware and serving ware items that we only use during the holiday season. For us, it would be the holiday cookie cutters and the holiday table cloths. You might have special plates or silverware or pans or cloth napkins or something else. Whatever it is, it is time to wash it up or polish it so that it is ready for use.


easy holiday meal planningYou Did It!!!

See? That wasn’t so bad, huh? We are all going to love cooking in our nice clean kitchens!! No searching for serving ware at the last minute. No looking high and low for that special cheese grater that is only used for the holidays!!


Easy Holiday Meal PlanningSo…What’s Next??

Now that that’s done, it is time to focus on the next steps towards Holiday Meal Preparation!

We will focus on the following:
Create a list of recipes
Create a shopping list
Purchase ingredients
Prep and freeze when possible
Create a meal preparation plan

How do we do that, you ask? This will be easy too! Click and download the Let’s Get Organized Before the Holidays! workshop and let’s keep this party going!!



This fun and informative workshop will have you all ready to conquer the holidays in under 4 hours!! Yea you!!



I set up some special boards on Pinterest to help us with ideas as we go through the workshop!  Check out the Pinterest Boards!  Make sure to follow the boards!!


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