Places to Donate Stuff for Charity

Donate Stuff for Charity

One of the questions that I get asked  is “where should I donate all of my stuff!!??  I don’t want my things going just any old place.  Where should I donate stuff for charity?”

Sometimes it can be a challenge to let something go if we do not feel comfortable about what happens to an item.  Here are a few suggested locations for donating your stuff.  Pick one (or two or however many you want) and give, give, give.

Do you have another suggested charity?  Great!!  Please send an email to with your suggestion!!

Donate Stuff for Charity – Cincinnati Area

Goodwill Industries


Salvation Army


Habitat for Humanity ReStore


New Life Furniture


Pickups for Vets


Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s


Dress for Success


Matthew 25 Ministries


Peppermint Pig Thrift and Gift


Wags to Riches


The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County


Donate Stuff for Charity – National Charities

Goodwill Industries


Salvation Army


Habitat for Humanity ReStore


Vietnam Veterans of America


Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s


Dress for Success


Your Public Library!  Google your library and donate!


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