It is Never All About Me – Creative Problem Solving Techniques

creative problem solving techniques

Hi! I’m Fluffy! Nice to Meet You!! 🙂

It is Never All About Me

New Mantra Time: It is never all about me.  The seven year old loves, loves, LOVES her violin.  She is so proud of it that she keeps it hung up in her room and plays it for her friends during playdates.  She has even included “and I play the violin” when introducing herself.  Sounds good so far, right?  Well, there was a problem.  I couldn’t get her to look at her instrument while playing it.  Her eyes would wander all over the place, rarely resting on the violin.  When the eyes wander, so does the violin bow which causes the beautiful tone of the classical music to evaporate – immediately.  Houston, we have a problem.  It was time for some creative problem solving techniques.


So Now What?

There were a number of ways that this could be approached.  I could issue a mandate – which would be promptly ignored.  I could yell and scream – which would only lead to frustration.  Or, I could think of the wandering eye issue from her viewpoint.  What would motivate and work for her?  I chose door number 3.


Hmmm…let’s see, I thought.  She tends to give all inanimate objects a playful identity before warmly befriending each item.  For example, her satin night cap is named Cappy Boy.  So, in her precious and creative mind, the violin was lacking an identity.  We needed to create a fun and playful identity for the violin.  In essence, make it her friend.


Can a Violin Really be Personified??

I worked with her for less than 10 minutes on a creative and simple solution.


World, meet Fluffy.  Fluffy, meet World.

Fluffy has been a wonderful addition to our morning violin practices.  He has even performed on stage.  We love Fluffy.  Fluffy loves his seat on top of the violin.  Our child loves watching Fluffy during practice and performances.  Problem solved.


The Magic Behind the Technique?

Instead of focusing on how I viewed the issue (and coming up with a solution that would be perfect for me), I focused on how she viewed the issue, and came up with a solution that worked for both of us.

End result?  Happy!!!


How have you/will you come up with creative solutions from a different viewpoint?  Please feel free to share!


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