The Power of the 15 Minute Time Segment – How to Start a Project

How to Start a Project

How to Start a Project

When the kids were in pre-school, I learned an important lesson from their pre-school teachers.  The power of the 15 minute time segment – it is amazing what can be done when the time limit is a concise 15 minutes.  I use that lesson each day when accomplishing my own daily tasks as well as when I work with clients.  Do you want to know the secret of how to start a project?  Set a 15 minute time limit and get going!  Here are a few examples of what can be done in 15 minutes, or less, or in a series of 15 minute time blocks.




how to start a projectCleaning out the pantry

I recently found these items that the kids no longer wanted.



How to Start a Project

Writing a blog

A blog typically takes me three 15 minute time blocks.



how to start a projectWorking out

Two 15 minute time blocks gives me a great workout!



how to start a projectCleaning and Windexing the table

A daily activity for me that takes less than 15 minutes.



How to Start a ProjectWeekly filing of this paperwork pile

Truth moment…I usually only do this every few weeks.  🙂  This pile will be filed by the end of the week.



how to start a projectCleaning up my workspace

I do this at the end of each day.



how to start a projectPutting away toys

The kids are in charge of this one.



how to start a projectWriting out my Daily-To-Dos

I like to take care of this one first thing in the am.



How to Start a ProjectPreparing for the next day’s activities

I do this the night before.



How to Start a Project

Catching up with a friend/family member on the phone

I am not much of a phone person – 15 minutes is about all you get!



How to Start a ProjectGetting started on anything that I don’t feel like doing

I find that once I set my timer and get started, it is easier to keep going!




What project are you going to time for a 15 minute segment?



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Follow your Nos…They Always Know….Saying No to People

saying no to peopleWay back when the kids were younger, I was a stay-at-home mom.  I felt an obligation to say yes to everything.  Yes, I will be the homeroom parent.  Yes, I will volunteer for what no one else wants to do.  Yes, your kids can always stay at my house during the day.  Yes I will bake for the holiday party, birthday party, etc, etc.  Yes, Yes, Yes.  I felt as though it was my duty to say Yes…my eternal obligation.  “After all, you have time.  What else are you going to do all day?”  (unsaid statement/question from the asker).  One day, I woke up and asked myself a question.  Why do I always have to say Yes?  What would happen if I simply said No?  If I say No, do I have to offer a long drawn out rationale, or will No simply do?  Is saying no to people a bad thing to do?


No is a wonderful and powerful word.  I remember that when the kids were toddlers, they said No all of the time.  I read somewhere that the word No is powerful to a toddler.  It is easy to say, easy for others to comprehend and doesn’t really need to be repeated.  Somewhere between toddlerhood and adulthood we tend to lose our comfort with the simple No.  We let ourselves get bogged down with tons of obligations and obliterate our concept of focusing on what really matters to us.


I can honestly say that I have learned to say No.  Sometimes I offer an explanation.  Sometimes I don’t.  Either way, I am okay with it.  Miraculously the world continues to revolve and evolve.  Even when I don’t agree to do everything!  How do I know when to say Yes and when to say No?  Well, I simply remember my Whys.  Read more about that concept in the Why I am doing this ……. blog.


Thanks to my Nos, I am looking forward to making markers with the 6 year old today using her Crayola Marker Maker.  I will relax and enjoy a new fav on Netflix.  I will enjoy an engaging conversation with the 9 year old about the amusing world of a fourth grader.  Oh, and I will talk to/listen to my wonderful husband – and share a few laughs!


How will you follow your Nos?