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It’s all too easy to blame other people, but when you take full responsibility for your time, you have the power to make changes.- Jack Canfield

Simple Better Solutions®

What is Simple Better Solutions®?

Or better yet, your real question:

What can Simple Better Solutions® do for me??

First my friend, let me tell you a little story…

I have one husband and two kids.  One son (the oldest) and one daughter (the youngest).  As you learned from About Dara, I took a lengthy career break when the kids were younger.

In August 2012, my youngest went off to school!!  It was finally My Time.  My Time to climb back aboard the Career Train!  Hoot!  Hoot!

Only one teeny weeny little obstacle.  What was I going to do?

It was a hot and sticky August.  I grabbed a letter-sized note pad.  I began jotting down ideas in the cool air-conditioned dining room atmosphere.  I sat at that dining room table and thought about a few things.

I thought about the following questions:

  • What are my strengths?
  • What do people come to me for?
  • What brought me joy?
  • What brought me happiness?

I thought.  I wrote.  I crumpled up paper.  I thought.  I wrote.  I crumpled up paper.

I kept coming back to a few key concepts.  Time.  Space.  Ideas.  Simplifying Time.  Simplifying Space.  Simplifying Ideas.

My strengths, what people come to me for, what brought me joy and what brought me happiness centered on:

  • Simplifying Time
  • Simplifying Space
  • Simplifying Ideas

So…now what?  I knew that I wanted to simplify the lives of others.  I knew that it would involve Time, Space and Ideas.

Now, as I mentioned in About Dara, my background is in marketing.  So, the next logical step for me was to personify my brand.  What brand name would say that I was going to simplify the lives of others?

I grabbed my handy-dandy letter-sized notepad.  I placed my favorite BIC Round Stick between thumb and forefinger.  I plopped back down into the dining room chair and jotted down ideas.

Simple Better Solutions® fit the bill perfectly.

Next question: How would Simple Better Solutions® simplify Time, Space and Ideas?

I knew that Simple Better Solutions® would focus on creating Simple Better Solutions® to Time, Space and Idea Challenges.

The question was how?

I started out as a Professional Organizer (think closets, paper, offices, rooms).  I quickly realized that this was not for me.

Then, I began creating and executing workshops.  The workshops focused on creating Simple Better Solutions® to life’s Time, Space and Idea challenges.

I LOVED conducting the My Time, My Way® Workshops!  The attendees LOVED the simplicity of the ideas shared at My Time, My Way® Workshops! The first official segment of Simple Better Solutions® was born.

Simple Better Solutions® was beginning to hit it’s stride!

Next stop…personalized solutions for individuals…which later became My Time, My Way®.

A serendipitous encounter with my then 11-year old son let me know that time management challenges were not only for adults – kids need help too! My Time, My Way® for Students was born.

Wait a minute, the grown-ups exclaimed, we want My Time, My Way®  too!  Can you make it happen?  Yes I can!  My Time, My Way® for Adults was officially brought to life.

So, you ask, what is Simple Better Solutions®?  What can it do for me?

Simple Better Solutions® is dedicated and passionate about creating fun, actionable, individualized and engaging ways to teach the most important concepts needed to turn time into a tool ….instead of a hindrance.

Are you ready for this equation to be your reality?

my time my way


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My Time, My Way™ for Adults

Dara helped me to distinguish my role as a facilitator of conference calls in my day job versus my entrepreneurial endeavors.  The tips she gave me regarding running effective meetings will come in handy the next time I have a meeting at work, and also when I meet with new or current clients.  Thank you!

Shamekko Early

My Time, My Way™ for Adults

"Thank you for all of the information. When I practice it, I see differences in my day and commitment level. Thanks! Jen"


My Time, My Way™ Workshop

"I received quite a few positive responses after you left our meeting. Everyone certainly enjoyed meeting you and getting the inspiration to get a little more organized in our own homes. I especially liked how you gave personal examples of how you implemented your tips in your home with your family. It also inspired a lot of the ladies there to gather together some items for our annual raffle in March which they promptly delivered to my home in the last few days. A BIG thank you for that as I had received a meager response up to now.
We would certainly like to have you come back to see us again in the future."

Jennifer Wietmarschen
Lakeshore Women's Club

My Time, My Way™ for Adults

"Thank you Dara, it is working for me! I write down a few tasks to accomplish each evening for the next day. It is helping me to be a bit more organized."

Tracey Johnson

About Dara Fairman

I am a Time Management Strategist. I bring fun and simplicity to GOALS and TIME MANAGEMENT. I create fun, actionable, individualized and engaging ways to turn TIME into the sharpest tool in your toolbox for a life filled with intrinsic satisfaction, inner serenity, less stress and diminished guilt.