6 Simple Techniques for Planning Time: Time Management Tips, Part I


6 Simple Techniques for Planning Time – You Can Do It!

Enjoy these 6 simple techniques for planning time!  They are so easy to do, that you can begin implementing them today!

Just 1 Calendar Please

Use one calendar to plan your personal and professional lives.  Unless you have discovered a way to clone yourself, there is one person executing both aspects of your life, right?  Let’s make things easier and use one calendar.  You are less likely to overbook if you can see all scheduled appointments.

If possible, link relevant aspects of your calendar with family members and work colleagues.

Back to Back Meetings are a No-No

Do not schedule back-to-back meetings.  It is important to schedule transition time.  You will need time to prep before a meeting.  It is also helpful to be able to jot down relevant next steps/follow-up activities after a meeting.  Additionally, we are all human.  We must eat, use the facilities and walk/drive from one meeting to the next!

Administrative Tasks Will Not Disappear – So Plan for Them!

Administrative tasks happen to the best of us.  We have to turn in our expense reports.  Emails must be written.  Calendars need updating.  No matter how much we dread it, at some point they need to get done.  So, plan for it.  Set aside time on your daily calendar to handle these items.  Tough time getting motivated to handle this one?  Click here for the 15 Minute Concept.

Break Times Keep You Going!

Give yourself something to look forward to each day.  Take a break!  Get up and stretch.  Go for short walks every hour or so.  Remember: exercise can improve brain functioning.  So, plan to exercise!  Personally, I love a mid-day workout!

Schedule a Sit Down – with Yourself

Schedule end of the day, week, and month recaps.  Review your accomplishments.  How are you progressing vs. your goals?  What goals need to be revised?  What goals are no longer relevant?  Decide if any due dates need to be revised.


So, there you have it.  6 Simple Techniques for Planning Time.  Do you need more assistance?  Great!  Click here to reach me right away!

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