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Post earning my MBA from the University of Michigan I enjoyed a profession in corporate marketing.  I later began a career break while my children were younger.  I relaunched my career as a Professional Organizer once both kids started school.


I currently manage a website/blog, conduct workshops, manage a product line, engage in social media and assist clients on a one-on-one basis.


Why Simple Better Solutions?


I have always been known for my strong organizational and project management skills – both personally and professionally.  It has always been a bit of a thrill to discover a simpler and better way of doing something.


Isn’t it wonderful that the organizing and project management activities that provide such immense pleasure to me can also help you?


What Simple Better Solution do you need?


Is it time for a Professional Organizer?  How can I help you to simplify your life?  What Simple Better Solution do you need?

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Personalized Client Services

"Dara was very patient, comfortable to work with, knowledgable, and helpful. She really made a difference in my challenging closet and I got rid of so much clothing that I didn't need! The service was very good and I plan to schedule an appointment with her in the future."

Morgan Cobb

Let's Get Organized Before School Starts! Workshop

"It was great to see you! I'm looking forward to putting what I learned into action."

Kim B.

"Thanks Dara! Your blog pumps me up to tackle more and more every day!"


Miyoshi W.

"Thanks to your website, I was motivated to update my linen closet!  Thanks for posting such great, helpful information!!"




Jennifer H.

Breakfast Made Easier! Tool

"I purchased the breakfast tool for my 4 year old daughter a few weeks ago.  We absolutely love the tool!  My husband is usually leaving the house when I get up in the morning, but he takes responsibility for making my daughter’s breakfast.  He was always guessing what she might want (or forgetting to ask her the night before).  In the morning while trying to get us out of the house for work and school, I would have to deal with, “… but Mommy, I don’t want cereal this morning!”  The breakfast tool has solved that dilemma and eliminated that morning drama.  Now, she just selects her breakfast the night before and my husband knows just what to make for her in the morning.  In fact, she loves it so much I don’t even have to prompt her to make her selection.  She does it all by herself!!"

Breakfast Made Easier! ToolBreakfast Made Easier! Tool


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